XGN15-12 series ring main unit
XGN15-12 series ring main unit

Product overview

XGN15-12 series of high voltage AC metal closed ring network switchgear are mainly suitable for 3.6~12kV three-phase AC 50Hz single busbar and single busbar segment system for receiving and distributing electric energy. The product is an all-metal enclosed structure, with IP4X housing protection grade, compact size and flexible combination; the circuit breaker cabinet adopts VBP-12 vacuum circuit breaker produced by our company; other cabinets can be equipped with spring operation mechanism and electromagnetic operating mechanism, operate the load switch to achieve disconnection. At the same time, there is centralized arranged mechanical "five prevention" interlocking device.  
Normal service conditions
Ambient temperature: maximum temperature +40℃, minimum temperature -10℃;
The altitude below 1000m;
Relative humidity: daily average is not more than 95%, monthly average is not more than 90%;
Earthquake intensity does not exceed 8 degrees;
No fire, explosion danger, serious pollution, chemical corrosion or violent vibration places.
Note: The user shall negotiate with the manufacturer if out of the above using conditions.

Product feature

The randomness of the extensible type SF6 ring main unit combination is better than “SF6 inflatable ring network unit”, much better than other kinds of ring main units by its “small size, safe and reliable, maintenance-free”.
SF6 gas is used as insulation and arc extinguishing medium, constant magnetic field arc extinguishing mode makes its arc extinguishing ability not affected by arc current, good breaking performance, small overvoltage, long electrical life, arc extinguishing chamber is maintenance-free.
Adopt high quality FLN36-12 series SF6 load switch and FLRN36-12 series SF6 load switch fuse-combination unit. With three stations, multi-function; perfect sealing, excellent operating mechanism and shutting; it is equipped with pressure gauge and arc extinguishing chamber with observation window.
It has passed the rated breaking test of SF6 gas zero-gauge pressure, large functional margin and high reliability. The grounding switch has the 5 times short circuit ability requested by the national network.
The cabinet body is formed by stamping the whole aluminum - coated zinc sheet, which is assembled by rivets with lock core and is firm and resistant to deformation.

Main technical parameters

Serial numberNameUnitEquipped with VBP-12 vacuum circuit breaker
1Rated voltagekV3.6, 7.2, 12
2Rated currentA630
3Rated short-circuit breaking currentkA25
4Rated short-circuit making currentkA63
5Rated dynamic currentkA63
6Rated thermal stability currentkA25
7Hot stable times4
8Protection grade IP4X
9Circuit breaker operation mode 弹簧储能式
10Isolating switch operation mode 手动
11Phase distance sizemm250、275
12Mechanical lifeTimeload switch 2000/ circuit breaker 20000
13Cabinet dimensions (width × depth × height)mm1100×1200(1300)×2650
15Busbar system Single busbar, single busbar section


XGN series switch equipment steel plate bending assembled skeleton structure, the cabinet is divided into circuit breaker chamber, main busbar chamber, cable chamber, relay room, chambers separate from each other by steel plates. This product is double sided maintenance, gauges can be monitored from the front, main operating switch and disconnecting switch, monitoring vacuum circuit breaker and open the door to repair the main switch, can look for cable fault from the back, check and maintain cable head. If the height of cable head ≥780mm, maintenance personnel can stand on the ground for easily maintenance. The XGN-12 ring network switch equipment is equipped with GN series rotary isolating switch.  When the isolating switch is in the breaking position, when the rotary knife is grounded, two ground breaks are formed between the main busbar and the main switch. The charged body can only discharge on the ground between phases without involving the insulating conductor, so as to ensure the safety of maintenance personnel. The XGN-12 ring switch equipment is equipped with GN22 automatic plug plate disconnecting switch, which adopts two-step mechanical locking mode; the operating force is smaller than GN30 rotary disconnecting switch, reliable and low price. The top is detachable structure, and the long main busbar connecting several switchgears can be easily installed and fixed. There are secondary small busbar and secondary terminal room connecting the whole array in the middle part of the cabinet, secondary connection can be checked easily. At the bottom of the cabinet, there is a grounding general busbar connecting the entire array, to ensure reliable ground connection, its cross section is: 4×40mm.
XGN15-12 series ring network switchgear is equipped with VBP-12 series vacuum circuit breaker, which has the characteristics of high technical parameters, strong series, reliable operation, simple installation and maintenance, suitable for frequent operation, it can greatly reduce the operation failure rate of operating mechanism, the mechanical life of switchgear can reach 20000 times, realize maintenance-free of the cabinet.
The switchgear adopts electric/manual operation mechanism, and equipped with corresponding mechanical interlocking. The mechanism of mechanical interlocking is as follows:
1. Single cabinet interlocking:
1). Power failure operation (operation to maintenance) switch cabinet is in working position, namely up and down disconnecting switch, the circuit breaker is closed, the front and back doors are closed and locked, and in electrification operation, and the small handle is in the working position. Disconnect the circuit breaker first, then turn the small handle to the "disconnect latching" position, then the circuit breaker can’t be closed. Insert the operating handle to the lower isolation hole, pull from the top down, down to the isolation open position, remove the handle, insert in the upper isolation operation hole, pull from the top to down, pull to the upper isolation open position, then remove the handle, insert in the grounding switch operation hole, push from the bottom to top, make the grounding switch in the closing position, turn the handle to the "repair" position, open the front door first, take out the back door key and open the back door, power cut operation completed, maintenance personnel can maintain and repair the circuit breaker chamber and cable chamber.
2). Power supply operation (maintenance to operation) If the maintenance is completed and power supply is needed, the operation procedure is as follows: Close the rear door and lock it, close the front door after taking out the key, pull the small handle from the maintenance position to the "disconnect latching" position, the front door is locked then, the circuit breaker can't be closed, insert the handle into the grounding switch operation hole, pull from the top to down, make the grounding switch in the opening position, remove the handle, insert into the upper insulating operating hole, push from the bottom to top, make the upper isolation in the closing position, remove the handle, insert into the lower insulating operating hole, push from the bottom to top, make the lower isolation in the closing position, remove the handle, turn the small handle to the working position, then the circuit breaker can be closed.