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JYN1-40.5 interval move off ac metal-enclosed switchgear

Product overview

JYN1-40.5-type interval remove AC metal-enclosed switchgear (hereinafter referred to as Switchgear) Three-phase AC 50Hz single busbar and single busbar section system of the indoor sets of equipment, as accepted and 35kV distribution network of electric energy use.

The switching equipment performance to meet the requirements of GB3906 and IEC60298 and other standards, with a load of push-pull circuit breaker to prevent, to prevent misclassification error co-breaker. Prevent grounding switch in closed position close circuit breaker, prevent straying every room, prevent charged in by mistake when charged with grounding switch "five prevent" interlocking function.

Product features

Can be equipped with excellent performance ZN -40.5 fully insulated vacuum circuit breakers with arc performance, easy operation, maintenance and other advantages. Choose creep age distance, insulation good performance of large current transformer, voltage transformer, post insulator, SMC insulation partitions and contacts box. To make the switch equipment insulation level can be improved.

The transformer can choose dry type transformer, have no oil, flame retardant, running economy, free maintenance, etc.

Main technical parameters


technical parameters

Rated voltageKV40.5
Rated currentRated main busbar currentA630、1250、1600

With rated current of the circuit breaker


Rated insulation level1min power frequency withstand voltage (between poles  on the ground / fracture)KV95/115

Lightning impulse withstand voltage (between poles on the ground / fracture)


Auxiliary circuit, control circuit of the work  of the voltage/frequency tolerance / 1 minV2000
Rated frequencyHz50
Rated short circuit current breakingKA20、25、315
Rated short time withstand  current / duration of the rated short-circuitKA/4S20、25、315
Rated peak withstand  currentKA50、63、80
Rated short-circuit currentKA50、63、80
control circuit voltageVDC:110、220、 AC:110、220
Dimensions (width X depth X  height)mm1818X2400 (with attached  cabinets increase 855) X2925
Protection grade IP2X
qualityKGAbout 1500


JYN1-40.5-type interval remove AC metal-enclosed switchgear is the interval structure, it consists of steel and steel plates welded bending system of cabinet put oneself in another's position and the two main components: According to its use hand trolley can be divided into breaker hand trolley, lightning arrester hand trolley, discommecting hand trolley, "Y" form by law hand trolley, voltage transformer "V" open by hand trolley, voltage transformer of single-phase voltage transformer hand trolley and stood with seven transformer hand trolley. Among them are ZN85 breaker hand trolley-40.5 vacuum circuit breaker hand trolley, ZN85 40.5 vacuum breaker hand trolley and SF6 circuit breaker hand trolley. )

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