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KYN28-12 series armoured move off ac metal-enclosed switchgear

Product overview

scope and main purposes

KYN28-12 armoured move off ac metal-enclosed switchgear (hereinafter referred to as switchgear), suitable for indoor three-phase 50 Hz ac rated voltage 24 kV and below in power system, mainly used in power plant, substation, industrial and mining enterprises and high building, as accept and distribution of circuit electrical energy and the control, protection and detection.

KYN28-12 switchgear with a variety of features to prevent misuse, including the prevention of moving handcart with a load, grounding switch closed position to prevent co-breaker, grounding switches to prevent charged together and prevent mistakenly charged compartment and other features. KYN28-12 switch cabinet configuration with excellent performance such as high voltage AC VS1 or VD4 vacuum circuit breakers, switchgear secondary circuit configuration of advanced and reliable control and protection devices; bus insulation using heat shrink tubing cover means to optimize the electrode shape, and cabinet compact. KYN28-12/24 switchgear is advanced technology, stable performance, reasonable structure, easy to use, safe and reliable power distribution equipment.

Product reference standard and specifications

GB1984 exchange high voltage circuit breaker

GB3906 3 ~ 35 kV ac metal-enclosed switchgear

GB/T11022 voltage switch equipment and control equipment standard public technical requirements

DL/T404 indoor exchange high-voltage switchgear order technical conditions

Special conditions of use

In the more than GB/T11022 provisions of the normal environment conditions, the company and use the user can beyond normal operating conditions of the special operation conditions, and negotiate an agreement.

To prevent condensation phenomenon, switchgear with heater, when switchgear in standby mode which should be put into use, switchgear during normal operation, should also pay attention to the heater are put into operation.

Product features

safe and reliable

Metal armoured and fully closed structure

Take the measures of the electric field, balanced by the dominant heat shrinkable materials, and have higher insulation insulation performance

Low pressure chamber and the high pressure every room independently separate

Closing ground fast sub-switch off for Earth and have the ability to short-circuit current operation of all equipment, including circuit breaker switch, push the circuit breaker and earthing switch into or out of the sub-closing operations, etc., can carried out under the door closed with a reliable locking device, can effectively prevent the misuse.

Through the Windows, doors and can be easily see circuit breaker points off state and hand trolley position, institutions, grounding switch points state energy storage and location and the head of the cable connections.

Products comply with IEC60298 \ GB3906 and other standards and requirements of China's power industry standard practical Housing classification IP4X, to prevent dirt and small animals into the vacuum circuit breaker for maintenance-free type, and their motivation for supporting the operation of public institutions to be Used interchangeability good low-maintenance, very easy to replace the circuit breaker. Secondary line for laying in size bounteous line groove, beautiful and easy to check line

Wide adaptability

Can adapt to cable and mother row or cable and mother row in hybrid in

Can use all sorts of regular cable head

Can connected multiple cables

Main technical parameters

Serial numberprojectunitparameters 
1Rated voltagekV1224
2Rated frequencyHz5050
3Rated frequency   
1 min work tolerance voltage (RMS)kVAlternate42Alternate65
Lightning shock resistance voltage (peak)kVAlternate75Alternate125
4Rated currentA630~20002500~4000630~3150
5Rated short circuit current breakingkA25、31.5、5、4031.5、40、5025、31.5
6Rated short circuit close current (peak)kA63、80、10080、100、12563、80
7Rated short-term resistance current (heat stable current 4 S)kA25、31.5、4031.5、40、5025、31.5
8Rated current peak tolerance (dynamic stability current)kA63、80、100800、100、12563、80
9Auxiliary control circuit of the rated voltageVDC or AC:110/220
10Protection grade IP4X (looking for open the door for IP2X between every room)
11Shape dimension (wide ×deep× high)mm800×1500×23001000×1860×2380


The structure outlined KYN28-12 switchgear can be removed from the cabinet and components (known as handcart) composed of two parts. Cabinet and the metal partition is divided into several functional compartments, such as bus room, cable rooms and low-pressure room.

The switch can be removed parts can be equipped with vacuum breaker hand trolley, voltage mutual inductance hand trolley, lightning arrester hand trolley, discommecting hand trolley and fuse hand trolley, etc. )

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