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CKX6 air insulated bus bar channels

Product overview

The bus bar channels series product rated voltage 400 V and 690 V and 1000 V rated voltage insulation, frequency 50 Hz ac ~ 60 Hz, rated current 200 ~ 6300 A three-phase three-wire, three-phase four-wire, three-phase five wire transmission and distribution system, mainly as A mining, enterprises, institutions and high-rise buildings in the new power distribution equipment, installation and use of countless user process has proved it is A kind of very good power supply equipment.

The product has small volume, transmission capacity, overload ability strong, flexible circuit expands, beautiful appearance, compact structure, easy installation and maintenance, effectively prevent the fire has advantages such as stable performance, safety and reliability prominent characteristics. Adapted to the equipment dense, branch more places, with great flexibility and distribution of high efficiency, it can completely replace the traditional cable transmission and distribution mode.

Shell plate electrostatic spray, aluminum plate surface conductive oxidation or stainless steel sheet, and corrosion resistance is strong, insulation performance is good, dielectric strength, high impedance is low, the electric power, the continuity of the ground protection less reliable, excellent heat dissipation, high mechanical strength.

Product features

normal use conditions

Environmental temperature: the highest temperature + 40 ℃,

And in the 24 hours of its average temperatures may not more than + 35 ℃,

The lowest temperature-5 ℃;

Relative humidity: at the highest temperature + 40 ℃ not more than 50%, 

In 20 ℃ + not more than 95%, 

No more than 95%, and the average day 

Month average no more than 90% (25 ℃); 

Saturated steam pressure: day average is no more than 2.5 x 10-3 MPa; 

Not on average more than 2.0 x 10-3 Mpa; 

Height: no more than 2000 m; 

Clean air, no electric dust and enough to corrosion and damage the gas metal insulation;

The earthquake intensity is less than or equal to 8 degrees, namely F < 10 Hz, the amplitude of vibration of the 0.3 mm; 

Pollution levels: level 3; 

Category: Ⅲ level; installation 

The other products into the equipment must be no explosive, refractory flame retardancy products. 

(Note: the above conditions can't meet the requirements, the user and factory consultation)

Main technical parameters

rated voltage: 400 VAC, 690 VAC
 Rated frequency: 50 ~ 60 Hz
 1000 V rated voltage: insulation
 Rated current: 200 A, 400 A, 630 A, 800 A, 1000 A, 1250 A,
 Insulation resistance: every bus bar channels of the insulation resistance unit: 100 M Ω
 Dielectric strength: crowded bus bar channels tolerance 3750 V work insulation withstand voltage experiment, air rejected
 The bus bar channels tolerance margin of 2500 V work, which lasted one withstand voltage experiment without breakdown and discharge min phenomenon
 Protection grade and the following: IP54 (bus bar channels main system), IP40 and below
 (the bus bar channels of the lead unit)

Short circuit strength: see table 2

Rated current (A)Rated short-term resistance current (KA)Rated current peak tolerance (KA)


The rated flow temperature rise: electric bus bar channels long-term work, dense insulation of the bus bar channels 
Bus conductor is less than or equal to temperature 60 K, air insulation bus conductor of the bus bar channels.
Temperature rise is less than equal to 80K, can access the shell surface temperature is less than equal to 30K mechanical strength: in line with GB7251.2-1997 shell connection resistance: Shell connection resistance: the point on the bus bar unit housing and ground terminal of the grounding resistance is less than equal to 0.01Ω, and there was reliable enough capacity ground terminal plug box: to ensure that the number is greater than 300 plug, the bonding performance is still good, to prevent the electric plug plug box with a mechanical interlock resistance and voltage drop: rated load, the impedance bus bar per meter or less 10-5Ω / m.
The average line voltage drop between more than 3 x 10-3 V/m)

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