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Technical force

Deyun Electric

Technology is the core competitiveness of the enterprise.

Technology: technology is the core competitiveness of enterprises into battle each year about 5% of total sales revenue of the funds for product development, in 2003 to the present, the domestic brand-name institutions recruit from a year to receive the relevant professional college graduates nearly 50 people. At the same time from the society development, design and production for rich practical experience of senior engineer Enrich the design, development, production and services team of talent.

Scientific research cooperation

In new product development, the company with research institutes and universities focus on the cooperation with Shanghai Power Research Institute, Xi'an High Voltage Research Institute, Southeast University, Yangzhou University, Nanjing Institute of Germany IN-power (InBev) Electric Co., Ltd., Italy Lovato Electric, Siemens and other German universities and research institutions internationally-renowned companies have signed and completed eight technology transfer, technical training and technical cooperation projects. BWL series of intelligent low-pressure combined-type complete switch equipment is provincial science and technology hall identified as high-tech products (product Numbers 041003 G0103W) GFW-12 type high pressure cable branch was named as the box national key new product

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