• Mission of after-sales service

    Ensure quality with technology and improve products with service

  • Goal of after-sales service

    Zero customer complaint

  • Purpose of after-sales service

    Establish a good image of well-known enterprises in the industry, make things convenient for customers and serve customers.

  • Product quality and after-sales service commitment

    All products meet national standards and customer drawings and technical agreement requirements. All product quality problems occurred during the warranty will be dealt with by our company free of charge. All product quality problems occurred beyond the warranty, we provide lifetime maintenance service. If the problem is caused by improper use of users or other unexpected reasons, our company will be responsible for dealing with it, and charge some material cost if needed.

  • After-sale service time

    To be on site within 2 hours downtown; within 6 hours in Jiangsu province; within 24 hours in other provincial market besides Jiangsu. To make things convenient for users, our company can send professional personnel to assist in installation and debugging. The quality management department of our company is responsible for the users and implements the project leader system. All on-site service personnel must strictly perform the duties and requirements of no requirements, no payment, no shirking of responsibility and try to actively cooperate with users to solve problems in a short time.

  • Warranty

    According to state regulations

    If you are not satisfied with the service, you can indicate the facts on the after-sale service form or call 0514-87770208 to complain.