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Deyun Electric

The company has 20 offices in China. Equipment widely used in power plant,
urban and rural power grid, shipbuilding, petroleum and petrochemical, metallurgical And all over the country key engineering projects, praised by users.
Power plant
Nanjing second power plants, power plants, Matthew gold Huaiyin power plant, Xiangtan power plant, Baotou third power plant, Yangzhou two power plant, etc.
Urban and rural power grid
Nanjing SuYuan group, Yangzhou power supply company, Tongzhou power supply company, haimen power supply company, Rugao power supply company Huaian power supply company, Yizheng electric power supply company, Anhui power supply company, etc.
Ship made
Yangzhou ocean shipyard, Jinling shipyard, Jiangdu sainty shipyard, violet Beijing shipyard Petroleum and petrochemical Sinopec yangzi petrochemical, jiangsu oilfield, nanjing chemical industrial group; HuaTuGou power station, the oil in yumen oilfield, lanzhou west solid fuel depot.
Metallurgy, chemical industry
Nanjing iron and steel Co., ltd., xiangtan iron and steel, handan iron &steel Co., LTD, Beijing sincere MCC engineering Co., LTD.

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