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Technical support

Deyun Electric

  • Provide a comprehensive range of technical support

    Deyun Electrical always adhere to the principle of customer center, adhering to the customer is god's management idea For the demand of the customers to provide comprehensive technical support work
  • Pre-sale,
    sale and after-sale service

    A skilled engineers to relevant technical consulting, design service, personnel training and other technical support service work Customers can provide the design drawings by us processing production, also can put forward relevant requirements by us design After confirmation by the client into production, also can put forward the design requirements by our ideas in new product development, expanding the market together
  • Products are sold, to ensure the normal operation of the product

    We will send service personnel to the use of user operation personnel to operate and the safe use of training Ensure the normal users safe use In the products during the course of operation White clouds are electrical appliances for product implement a full range of technical support work To help solve the problems of the user

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