KYN61-40.5 35kV switchgear
KYN61-40.5 35kV switchgear

Product Overview

Equipped with 40.5kV solid sealed fixed pole column vacuum circuit breaker, cabinet body is made of aluminum-zinc plate after punching folding, assembled with high strength bolts; the door panel adopts spray processing, the surface is bright and clean, the paint surface is high strength; handcart and cabinet with high precision, handcart pull out easy, strong interchangeability; this switchgear series has good five - prevention function.
KYN61 40.5 steel-clad movable-type AC metal-enclosed switchgear is used in 35kV three-phase AC 50Hz power system, receiving and distributing electrical energy in power plants, substations and distribution rooms of industrial and mining enterprises, with control, protection and monitoring, and other functions.
KYN61 40.5 steel-clad movable-type AC metal-enclosed switchgear meets a series of standards “GB/T3906 3.6 ~ 40.5kV AC metal enclosed switchgear and control equipment”,“GB/T11022 Common technical requirements for high voltage switchgear and control equipment standard”,“Technical conditions for ordering DL/T404 AC high voltage switchgear”,“IEC 62271 High-voltage switchgear and controlgear”.

Product features

Ambient air temperature: -15 ℃ ~ +40 ℃
Altitude: 1000m and below;
Humidity conditions:
On average not more than 95%, daily average water vapor pressure not exceeding 2.2KPa;
on average not more than 90%, monthly average water vapor pressure not exceeding 1.8KPa.
Earthquake intensity: not more than 8 degrees;
No obvious corrosive or flammable gases such as contaminated sites.
Note: Out of the normal conditions of use, the user can consult with the company.

Main technical parameters

NameUnitTechnical parameters
Rated voltagekV40.5
Rated currentRated main busbar currentA630、1250、1600、2000
Rated current of the ancillary circuit breakerA630、1250、1600、2000
Rated insulation level1min power frequency withstand voltage (between poles, on the ground / fracture)kV95/115
Lightning impulse withstand voltage (between poles, on the ground / fracture)kV185/215
Auxiliary circuit, control circuit power frequency tolerance voltage / 1 minV2000
Rated frequencyHz50
Rated short circuit breaking currentkA20、25、31.5
Rated short circuit withstand current/rated short circuit durationkA/4s20、25、31.5
Rated peak withstand currentkA50、63、80
Rated short-circuit making currentkA50、63、80
Control circuit rated voltageVDC:110、220、 AC:110、220
Dimensions (width x depth x height)mm1400(1200)x2800x2800
Protection gradeSwitch equipment shell IP41
Isolation rooms(when the  cupboard door open)IP2X