YBW-12 type series preinstalled substation
YBW-12 type series preinstalled substation

Product overview

This series of preinstalled substation is a kind of outdoor whole set equipment which is prefabricated in the factory with high-voltage switchgear, distribution transformer and low-voltage distribution equipment according to the one-circuit scheme required by users. Optional high voltage switchgear: ABB, SIEMENS, F&G SF6 ring network switchgear or ISARC and FN type pressure-operated load switchgear, can be terminal or ring network power supply unit; The transformer can be SCB13 type dry transformer or S13 oil-immersed transformer, or NX1/2 transformers above S20, the grid door of transformer room is electrically interlocked with the high voltage switchgear to ensure safety; Low-voltage power distribution device adopts imported or domestic famous low-voltage switch, circuit breaker, AC contactor, low-voltage cabinet can choose station operation or external operation. Each independent unit is equipped with perfect control, protection, live display and station lighting system. Automatic temperature and humidity control device and regulated ventilation system can be installed in the cabinet; low voltage cabinet descent manhole setting, for convenient maintenance.

Range of application

This series of preinstalled substation is suitable for ring power supply and terminal power supply system of 7.2~40.5kV, urban high-rise buildings, residential areas, industrial and mining enterprises, subways, docks, hotels, shopping malls, parks, stations, schools, hospitals, oil fields, airports, ports and power supply for temporary facilities, power grid connection for wind power generation systems, power supply for road lighting, etc.

Product features

1.Outdoor design, long service life.
2. Compact design, high practical efficiency.
3.Each compartment spacing board incoming and outgoing line sleeve prevent dust and moisture from entering each compartment.
4. The door, top cover and side plate are equipped with thermal insulating layer, with heat insulation function.
5. Assemble type structure, replacing every individual unit is very convenient.
6. It's very convenient to disassemble and install each component and part.
7. Can prevent condensation effectively.
8. The shell is made of recyclable materials and meets environmental requirements.
9. Multi-purpose design, in harmony with the environment.

Main technical parameters

ClassificationProject nameUnitMain technical parameters
High voltage unitRated frequencyHz50
Rated voltagekV7.21240.5
Main busbar rated currentA630、1250、1600
Rated short-time withstand current/timekA/s20/4、25/3、31.5/4
Rated peak withstand currentkA50 63 80
1min Power frequency withstand voltage(to ground/ fracture)kV32/3642/4895/115
Lightning impulse withstand voltage(to ground/ fracture)kV60/7075/85185/215
Rated short-circuit breaking currentkA20、25、31.5
Ground loop short-time withstand current/timekA/s20/2 、20/4
Main circuit rated short-circuit making currentkA50、63 、80
Rated active load breaking currentA630
Rated closed loop breaking currentA630
Rated cable-charging breaking currentA10
Rated cut-off no-load transformer capacitykVA1250
Rated transfer currentA1700
Mechanical lifenumber of times200002000010000
Low voltage unitRated frequencyHz50
Rated voltagekV0.4/0.23
Rated insulation voltageV690
Main loop rated currentA100~3200
Rated short-time withstand currentkA/s30/1、 50/1、100/1
Rated peak withstand currentkA63 105 176
Power frequency withstand voltagekV2.5
Transformer unitType Oil-immersed typeDry-type
Rated frequencyHz50
Rated voltagekV12(7.2)/0.4(0.23)
Rated capacitykVA30~1600
1min Power frequency withstand voltagekV42()48()
Lightning impulse withstand voltagekV75(60)
Impedance voltage%4 、6
Tapping range ±2.5% 、±5%
Join groups Yyn0 、Dyn11
Box bodyHigh voltage and low voltage chamber protection grade IP33D
Transformer chamber protection grade IP23D
Sound level(oil-immersed type/ dry-type)dB≤50/55
Secondary circuit withstand voltage levelkV1.5/2