Preinstalled substation - standardized customization
Preinstalled substation - standardized customization

Product overview

The standardized box transformer produced by our company is designed according to the “Standardized design scheme for pre-installed 10KV high voltage and low voltage Substation (2020 edition)” issued by State Grid Corporation of China, which includes labeling type, compact type and alternative design scheme, and passed the investigation of China Electric Power Research Institute and type test inspection of JAIQ. Standardized box transformer has the characteristics of safety, reliability, firm and durability, unified standards, universal interchangeability, improve the convenience of operation and maintenance of box transformer.

A standardized box transformer consists of three relatively independent compartments, namely, high voltage switch cabinet room, transformer room, low voltage switch cabinet room, they are independent from each other, cooperate with each other, under the connection of the respective medium, turn high voltage into the stable low voltage needed for life, production use. In the State Grid standardized box transformer, the rated frequency of the system is 50Hz, the high voltage side voltage is 10kV, the low voltage side voltage is 0.4kV.

The capacity of 10kV State Grid standardized box transformer is mainly 400kVA, 500kVA and 630kVA. 10kV State Grid standardized box transformer, it adopts 10kV inlet line 1~2 loops and outlet line 1 loop, its overall shape is standardized design according to 10kV inlet line 2 loops and outlet line 1 loop, according to transformer capacity, 0.4kV can be set with 4-6 loops of outlet line.

High voltage cabinet room of the box transformer adopts SF6 fully insulated aerated ring network cabinet, this high voltage switchgear has the characteristics of small volume, safe and stable operation. Both ends of the high voltage cable are installed with European elbow style cable accessories, with good anti-condensation performance.

The high-voltage and low-voltage preinstalled substation adopts metal shell and GRC material to meet the needs of different regions.