GFX-12/24 series SF6 insulated ring main unit
GFX-12/24 series SF6 insulated ring main unit

Product overview

GFX series ring main unit is a scalable SF6 gas insulated metal-enclosed switchgear, for 12 kV and 24 kV voltage level.
A high voltage all live parts are completely sealed by a gas box which welded by 3 mm thick stainless steel plate, it is small and exquisite. The whole switching device is not affected by the external environment, can ensure safe and reliable operation, and achieve maintenance-free. Through plug - in expansion busbar, it realized arbitrary combination, and achieved full modularization.
The extended busbar is completely insulated and shielded, and its dynamic and thermal stability has passed the national type test to ensure high reliability and safety. GFX series ring main unit is suitable for power system reform of city network, power transformer substation and load center power station, petrochemical industry, steel and mining, general enterprises and institutions, high-rise buildings etc.

Complies with the following standards

GB11022  IEC60694
 GB/T3906   IEC62271-200
 GB3804 IEC60265-1
 GB1984 IEC62271-100
 GB16926 IEC26271-105
 GB1985 IEC62271-102

Product features

Cable(sleeve) inlet and outlet mode
L: the left cable inlet and outlet R: the right cable inlet and outlet
LR: Incoming and outgoing lines of both sides cables Blank: no incoming and outgoing lines
I: left expansion D: right expansion
ID: expansion on both sides  blank: no extensible
Rated current
630 Rated current 630A
1250 Rated current 1250A
Rated voltage
12 Rated voltage 12kV
24 Rated voltage 24kV
Ark type name
K: be responsible for switchgear   T: Load switch - fuse combined cabinet  V: vacuum circuit breaker ark  B: Busbar section cabinet  C: rise ark  M: measurement ark PT: PT ark P: power cupboard
(Common cabinet is composed of K and T arbitrarily, for example, KT refers to the combination of load switch unit and fuse unit.)

Main technical parameters

ProjectUnitLoad switch cabinetFuse combination cabinetLoad switch - circuit breaker composite apparatusVacuum circuit breaker cabinetBus section cabinet
Rated voltagekV24
Power frequency withstand  voltage(1min)Phase to phase and phase to  groundkV50/65
Between open contactskV65/79
Lightning impulse withstand  voltagePhase to phase and phase to  groundkV125
Between open contactskV145
Rated frequencyHz50
Rated currentA630125630630,1250630
Rated short-circuit  breaking currentkA  2020, 25 
Rated short-time withstand  current 3skA20 2020, 2520
Rated peak withstand  currentkA50 5050, 6350
Rated short-circuit making  currentkA505050, 6350
Making current(peak value)A    
Rated transfer currentA 1400   
Rated active load breaking  currentA630   630
Rated closed loop breaking  currentA630   630
5% Rated active load  breaking current  31.5   31.5
Full cabinet weightkg160180200200160
Mechanical life500050005000100005000
Stainless steel thickness  of air boxmm3.0
SF6 rated pressurekPa30(under the condition of  20℃、101.3kPa)
Annual leakage rate≤0.01%
Submerging test24kV 24 hours (apply 30kPa pressure  underwater)
Arc test20kA 1s
Protection gradeAir boxIP 67
Fuse protector boxIP 67
Ring main unit outdoor BoxIP 44


1.GFX-K-12/630I L   K represents load switchgear, rated voltage 12kV, rated current 630A, left side expansion, left side cable inlet and outlet mode.

Ambient temperature -40 ° C to +65 ° C
 Humidity Maximum relative average humidity ≤95%
Altitude above sea level ≤1000 m (over 1000 m, to be negotiated between the user and the manufacturer)
Special Conditions According to GB/T11022, for special requirements under abnormal operating conditions, the end user must negotiate with the manufacturer and meet final agreement.
If the operating environment is particularly harsh, you must consult the manufacturer and supplier. When the height of the installation site exceeds 2000 meters above sea level, it shall be specified in the order, and the manufacturer shall provide corresponding products as required.