GCS type series low-voltage withdrawable switchgear
GCS type series low-voltage withdrawable switchgear

Product overview

GCS type low-voltage withdrawable switchgear (hereinafter referred to as "device"), designed and developed by GCS type low-voltage withdrawable switchgear design team unit (hereinafter referred to as design league) organized by Senyuan Electric Co., Ltd. in 1995, delegated by the Ministry of Electric Power industry and the Ministry of Machinery Industry, to promote the technical progress of low-voltage power distribution industry in China, accelerate the upgrading of low-voltage power distribution switchgear sets. It has been widely used throughout the country now. The device is suitable for electric energy conversion, distribution and control in low voltage distribution system power, distribution and motor control center, capacitor compensation, etc. in power plant, transformer substation, petrochemical divisions, industrial and mining enterprises, high-rise buildings. It can meet the special requirements of computer interface in power use occasions in power plant with large unit capacity, low pressure power control center of large-scale petrochemical industry and motor control center. The device meets IEC60439-1, GB/T7251.12, JB/T9661-1999 standards.

Product Features

Compact structure: many functional units can be accommodated in a small space, flexible assembling.
Using standard module design: there are five size series standard units, users can choose to assemble according to their needs.
High technical performance: MCC cabinet vertical busbar rated short-time withstand current is 80kA, horizontal busbar with counter flat arrangement layout, can withstand 176kA peak tolerance current, meet the contemporary international level.
Normal ambient condition
The ambient air temperature shall not be higher than +40℃ or lower than -5℃, and the average temperature within 24 hours shall not be higher than +35℃.
Weather conditions, clean air, relative humidity does not exceed 50% at the highest temperature of +40℃, higher relative humidity is allowed at lower temperature, for example, 90% at +20℃, but occasional moderate condensation caused by temperature variation should be considered.
The altitude shall not exceed 2000 meters.
The device is suitable for transport and storage at the following temperatures: Between -25℃ and +55℃, can reach +70℃ in a short time (not more than 24 hours), the device shall not suffer any irreparable damage at these limiting temperatures and shall operate normally under normal conditions.
The user shall negotiate with the manufacturer, if the above conditions cannot be met.

Main technical parameters

Rated impulse withstand voltage kV8
Overvoltage levelIII
Pollution degree3
Rated operational voltage Ue(V)400
Rated insulation voltage Ui(V)690
Rated operational voltage In(A)Horizontal bus-bar5000
Vertical bus-bar1000
Rated peak short-circuit current Icw(kA)Horizontal bus-bar80
Vertical bus-bar50
Rated peak short-circuit current Icw(kA)176
Enclosure protection classIP30、IP40、IP41
Dimensions (height X width X depth) (mm)2200×(600、650、800、900、1000、1200)×(1000、800、600)


The device is a combined fabricated structure; the basic component is assembled by section E=25mm as module interval mounting hole. All the components of the cabinet frame are galvanized, secure the connecting line basic framework with tapping screws or class 8.8 hex bolts, and add corresponding door, blanking plate, partition, install brackets and busbars according to the plan change, a complete device is assembled by components functional units, internal dimension of device, accessories and compartments’ dimension is modularization (E=25mm) changing.
 The switchgear is divided into three rooms: that is, the horizontal busbar chamber (at the top of the cabinet), functional unit compartment (In front of the cabinet or on the left front), cable compartment (under the cabinet or on the right front). The compartments in the cabinet adopt the steel plate and high strength flame retardant plastic function board separated, the upper and lower drawers are separated by metal plates with ventilation holes, effectively prevent the accident expansion of the switch caused by the fault of flashover and busbar, or other line short.