XDF1 type series low voltage cable branch box
XDF1 type series low voltage cable branch box

Product overview

XDF1 outdoor low-voltage cable branch box, it is a new type of product jointly designed and developed by our factory with Tianjin Electric Drive Design and Research Institute and other national manufacturers in eight industries. Not only imported components and parts (such as products of Germany Weiner), but also domestic components and parts can be used, in order to meet the requirements of different sites and different users, its technology is at the leading level in China.

Range of application

This product is widely used in three-phase low-voltage power transmission and distribution system in substation, institute, factory, both sides of street (highway), residential area, high-rise building and other outdoor public places, as a complete set of equipment for distributing electrical energy to other users or equipment by cable.

Product features

1.The box body is mainly composed of head cover, cabinet body, door and bottom plate, each part is curved by one plate cutting angle.
2. Neat and strong sense of product experience, beautiful product appearance.
3. The shell material is stainless steel or galvanized steel plate with spraying and spraying plastics.
4. Can be divided into anticorrosive type, dustproof type; Rain proof type, heat dissipation type.
5. There are two types of installation: floor type and wall-hung type.
6. We can use the busbar system of Germany Wiener to connect the cable conveniently and reliably with busbar no punching connection.

Main technical parameters

Serial numberProject nameUnitElectric parameter
1Rated operational voltageV400
2Rated insulation voltageV690
3Rated operational voltageA630、400、250、160
4Rated output currentA400、250、160、120、100、80、60、40
5Rated frequencyHz50