XL-21low voltage power distribution box
XL-21low voltage power distribution box

Product overview

XL-21series distribution box, is designed by our company combined with different control equipment. XL-21 series power distribution box is mainly produced now. It has the characteristics of flexible installation, simple operation and convenient maintenance.

Range of application

It is suitable for power control of power plants, substations, industrial and mining enterprises and all kinds of terminal power distribution. For example, soft-start control, automatic power compensation control, electric generator parallel operation control, electromagnetic DC power distribution control, self-coupling step-down starting control, various storey draught fan control.

Product features

1.XL-21 power distribution box is divided into two types, box height 1700mm and 1800mm is the general type (P-type), independent installation of cabinet, the top part can open incoming line hole according to the requirements; box height 1900mm is busbar with roof type (M type). the top of the box is fitted with a demountable cover plate, for convenient busbar installation and disassembly.
2. The box body is framed with section steel, the door panel, side and back blanking plate are all removable, mounting plate and side beam can be adjusted, flexible installation and maintenance, convenient, compact structure, good versatility.
3.Use precision casting adjustable door hinge,door opening greater than 135°.
4. The mounting bracket in the box body can be adjusted as a whole after the components are installed.
5. According to different use environment to install and inlet and outlet line, strong versatility, can be used in combination.

Main technical parameters

Serial numberProject nameUnitTechnical parameters
1Executive standard GB/T 7251.12
2Rated insulation voltageUiV690
3Rated operational voltage UeV400
4Rated current InA630A~25A
5Short-time withstand current IcwkA30/10
6Enclosure protection class IP IP30/IP31/IP55
7Ambient operating temperature-20~+40
8Installation method floor type/ wall-hung type
9Cabinet materialmm1.5~2 cold-roll steel sheets or stainless steel sheet
10Surface treatment Electrostatic spraying technology
11Box door open direction Opening degree ≥135°