12kV switchgear - standardized customization
12kV switchgear - standardized customization

Product overview

This series of products are designed according to the distribution network standardized construction work of State Grid Corporation of China, and the technical requirements of "standard Design and Customization Scheme of 12KV Handcart Switchgear". With higher electrical performance and higher safety performance;
The standard design of common interchangeability and civil interface of the equipment improves the convenience of operation and maintenance of the switchgear.

This series of products are applicable to the indoor three-phase 50Hz rated voltage 12kV and below power system, mainly used in the state Grid Corporation of China's residential distribution projects, but also can be applied to power plants, substation, industrial and mining enterprises and high-rise buildings, as to accept and electric power distribution and the implementation of circuit control protection and measurement functions.
The switchgear has various locking functions to prevent misoperation, “five prevention” function. The switchgear is a power distribution equipment with advanced technology, stable performance, reasonable structure, convenient and safe operation.

Product reference standards and specifications

GB1984 AC high voltage circuit breaker
Technical conditions for ordering DL/T404 indoor AC high voltage switchgear
“Standardized Design and Customization Scheme of 12KV Handcart Switchgear”

Technical parameters

Serial numberProjectUnitParameter
1Rated voltagekV12
2Rated frequencyHz50
31min Power frequency  withstand voltage (effective  value)kVPhase to phase42
Between open contacts48
Lightning impulse withstand  voltage(peak value)kVPhase to phase75
Between open contacts85
4Rated currentA63012501250
5Rated short-circuit making  currentkA202531.5
6Rated short circuit closing  current (peak value)kA506380
7Rated short-time withstand  current (thermal stable current 4S)kA202531.5
8Rated peak tolerance  current (dynamic stable current)kA506380
9Rated voltage of auxiliary  control loopVDC or AC:110/220
10Protection grade IP41(Open the door between  compartments is IP2X)
11Dimensions (width × depth × height)mm800×1500×2300