DFW-12 type series high voltage cable branch box
DFW-12 type series high voltage cable branch box

Product overview

Common type 10kV cable branch box scheme (10kV cable branch box) explanation (European type box, European type cable branch box)
T-type Connecting European cable branch box has been widely used in cable engineering equipment in power distribution network system in recent years, its main feature is the two-way door, using insulating wall bushing as busbar connection, it has the obvious advantages of small length, clear arrangement of cables, and no need for large span crossing of three-core cables, generally use rated current 630A bolt fixed connected type cable joint, the cable joint used is in accordance with DIN47636 standard.

Product feature

1.Full insulation, full sealing, full protection and full working conditions
2.Flexible incoming and outgoing lines, there are eight branches most incoming and outgoing lines in practical application.
3.Flood resistance, dirt resistance, condensation resistance, frost resistance, corrosion resistance.
4. Small size, compact structure, simple installation, easy operation
5. Zinc oxide arrester is available
6. Potential indicator can be installed to alert the operator that the line is live

7. Cable type fault indicator can be installed for quick detection of cable faults 8. There are a variety of box material to choose from, ordinary steel plate, coated aluminum zinc plate and mirror stainless steel.

Main technical parameters

Rated voltage(kV)10
Maximum working voltage(kV)12
Rated current(A)630
Lightning impulse voltage(kV)75
1min power frequency withstand voltage(kV)42
Thermal stability current(2s)(kA)20
Dynamic stable current(peak value)(kA)50
Enclosure protection classIP44

Working condition

Operation placeOutdoor
The use of ambient temperature-30℃~50℃
Maximum daily mean temperatureNot more than 30℃
Maximum annual mean temperatureNot more than 20℃
Wind speedNot more than 35m/s
Air relative humidityNot more than 90%
The slope of the groundNot more than 5°
The earthquake resistance ability8 degrees
Dirt resistance grade3degrees
AltitudeNot more than 2000m
No fire, explosion danger, chemical corrosion or violent vibration places.

The ordinary cable branch box without switch can be installed with short-circuit fault indicator or lightning arrester at the inlet and outlet line according to users' requirements.

Reference modelSpecificationDimensions
DFW10-3Three branches(one inlet and two outlets)6007001100
DFW10-3AThree branches(one inlet and two outlets)9007001100
DFW10-4Four branches(one inlet and three outlets)9007001100
DFW10-4AFour branches(one inlet and three outlets)10007001100
DFW10-5Five branches(one inlet and four outlets)10007001100
DFW10-5AFive branches(one inlet and four outlets)11007001100
DFW10-6Six branches(one inlet and five outlets)11007001100


1."A" indicates that an arrester is installed in the branch box
 2. The dimension can be modified as required